About Us

Christian T-Shirts You Feel Confident Wearing

Set Free Apparel is a family owned and operated online Christian clothing store based in Gilbert Arizona. We began in 2011 out of a desire to provide Christians with a more modern and fashionable choice in Christian clothing. Christian apparel for men and women that not only communicated the principles, ideas and truths of the Christian faith, but did so in a tasteful and contemporary way. We also wanted to offer a line of praise and worship shirts, which we had not seen anywhere else.

Casual Christian Shirts – Stylish and Understated is our Approach

Although we are unashamed and proud of our faith, this does not exactly mean we want our Christian clothing screaming to everyone around us. We believe that a stylish and understated Christian shirt has a greater opportunity to spark a deeper conversation. This is why our Christian apparel tends to be more approachable than other Christian shirts in the category. And, if you can have a little fun along the way, that’s okay too!

Quality Shirts Behind the Designs

Purchasing and reselling clothing that is the highest quality possible is very important to us. We also sell our shirts at a price point that is very competitive. You should NOT have to pay a premium for Christian casual wear! Using primarily blended material (Poly-Cotton), our shirts are extremely soft and shrinks very little, if any at all. Our current line of Christian clothing and apparel offers a wide range of modern colors and cuts. Nearly all of our shirts for men have a  fashion/athletically cut, unlike the “square” cut shirts you’ll find in many department stores.

We currently purchase shirts from the following brands for our Christian clothing lines: